Friend Chips Back to School Teachers’ Giveaway! | Enter to Win 30 FREE Packages of Friend Chips | Friend Chips | Back to School | Giveaway

Congratulations Susan! You are the winner of the Friend Chips Back to School Teacher’s Giveaway! Thank you for all who participated.

EXPIRED | To all the teachers out there: Are you tired of using the same old, boring stickers to reinforce learning, listening, participating, etc. in your classroom?

Introducing Friend Chips!

Friend Chips - 4 Fun Packs - 16 Fun Designs!

Friend Chips create fun, unique rewards for students. And, unlike stickers, Friend Chips are made to last! With Friend Chips, teachers can share the love with their students. There are 16 Friend Chips total and each Friend Chip has a positive message that students will love!

Friend Chips Back to School Teachers’ Giveaway

And now, enter to win 30 FREE Assorted Packages of Friend Chips in the Friend Chips Back to School Teachers’ Giveaway!  With so many Friend Chips, your classroom will be THE place for learning!

How do you enter to win? It’s easy! Follow the 3 steps below:

Friend Chips Back to School Teachers’ Giveaway Rules

1. Click HERE to go to the Friend Chips Website

2. Read about how to use Friend Chips in the classroom

3. Head back HERE to the Friend Chips Blog and leave a comment telling us how you would use Friend Chips in your classroom!

It’s that easy! Leave a comment below on the Friend Chips Blog and you will be entered to win. Comments can only be left on the Friend Chips Blog. Comments left on Friend Chips Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube will not be counted.

Don’t forget that there are 16 Friend Chips in all so head to the Friend Chips Website and see how much more fun your classroom is going to be this year!

The Friend Chips Back to School Teachers’ Giveaway ends on August 26, 2014 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. The winner will be selected at random and announced on August 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The winner will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be randomly selected.

What are you waiting for?! Enter the Friend Chips Back to School Teachers’ Giveaway now! Good luck!

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21 thoughts on “Friend Chips Back to School Teachers’ Giveaway! | Enter to Win 30 FREE Packages of Friend Chips | Friend Chips | Back to School | Giveaway

  1. These would be awesome tokens to reward students! I love the idea and think that kids would love collecting them and putting them on backpacks etc …

  2. I would love to use friend chips in my classroom as a reward and motivational tool.

  3. I teach students with intellectual disabilities. The students work on a daily point sheet for behavior and work completion. The have a treasure chest to get rewards out of. It can be challenging to pick items that they will like. The friend chips look awesome and I think the kids would love them. It would be so wonderful to win this!

  4. I absolutely love these! I was thinking that I would use them as a reward and then let the children trade them to each other. I would also post the website and idea on my newsletter so that the parents can participate and maybe give rewards of their own at home that the students can add to their trading pile. It’s almost like the fill a bucket idea where you use praise as a reward. I love it!

  5. I would use these in order for students to give each other positive feedback. i.e: if the students write an essay, when they give each other feedback, they would use this as their positive note to one another about their work. It would help create a positive culture among their peers

  6. I would use the friend chips as a reward for not only hard work but being a good friend or other good citizenship acts. Kids love to save their stickers and remind you of why they were received … I can just imagine how excited they would be to get something as long lasting as one of these chips!

  7. I would love to have these to reinforce positive behavior!!! Such a great idea. I love that they can fit right on a hook! If I don’t win them, I will consider buying something like this! Love it!

  8. These are great to use in the classroom as incentives. The children can earn them and then trade them as they’d like. I really love the Happy pack.. I could see using these in my class. They are versatile and could be used for a variety of ways in the class not just as incentives. I would love to win these for my inclusion class. Great way to build positive self esteem as well.

  9. I would use these as positive reinforcement, not necessarily as rewards. Promoting and encouraging the desired behaviors is the best way to get kid to practice them!

  10. I would use friendship chips in my classroom as an incentive for positive behavior. Winning your give away would be a great start to our school year!

  11. I work with students with intellectual disabilities. Love the idea of tokens-these look great! My kids need positive reinforcers often.

  12. What a simple yet awesome way to reward my students! Six graders we go bananas over these! Positive reinforcement to go hand in hand with PBIS program established in our school and district!

  13. I am a teacher searching for a room of my own at this time. I am going to be working as a substitute this coming school year in the teacher and paraprofessional capacity. I would love to have these chips to motivate students while their teacher is away. I would also like to have them for when I do eventually have my own room. I love being able to have a way to support positive behaviors and this is something that will last for a long time to remind and encourage students to show their best behavior.

  14. I would love to use these for positive behavior, treasure box day and also just for any friend who may be feeling sad….always looking for new ways to make sure my students are always smiling! :)

  15. The great thing about friendchips is that they last. Notes and stickers are a great positive incentive, but the feeling fades quickly. One thing I would do with friendchips is have a weekly celebration where the students do a hand up/pair up and show their peers what they have earned. This keeps that positive feeling going and helps to motivate future behavior as well. Love the idea of friendchips. My fingers are crossed.

  16. I would love to give each student a chain necklace or lanyard like the ones we use for positive behavior school wide. The students could add their hard earned friend chips to their necklace and display them proudly everyday! I hope I get these. I can already see my students wearing them!

  17. I teach preschoolers and these would be great because they are tangible and something parents could use too for tjosr challenging behaviors.

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