Friend Chips Groovy Pack | Backpack Ring Included! | Peace Out | Besties | 100% Cool | UR Totally Awesome | Only $2.99 Shipped! Friend Chips Happy Pack | Backpack Ring Included! | I Got Your Back | Friends 4 Life | UR My #1 | U Rock | Only $2.99 Shipped! Friend Chips Wacky Pack | Backpack Ring Included! | High Five | My Fave | LOL | UR Hip | Only $2.99 Shipped! Friend Chips Rad Pack | Backpack Ring Included! | Thumbs Up | BFF | We Stick Together | Hugs & Kisses | Only $2.99 Shipped! New Product! Friend Chips for $2.99 Shipped!

Introducing Friend Chips! Collect 'Em, Trade 'Em & Share the LOVE! Right now they are only $2.99 with Free Shipping & Handling for a limited time. These fun tradeable chips come in four different design packages... Read More Friend Chips Fun Collectibles For Kids:
Just $2.99 Shipped!

Both my my kids, but my daughter especially, love to decorate their backpacks with fun things. So when we discovered Friend Chips they were THRILLED! These are really cool collectible, tradable chips that are perfect for hanging off your school bag... Read More 2 Packs of Friend Chips Just $2.99 Shipped (That Makes One Free!)

Have you checked out one of the newest fun trend for kids called Friend Chips? These chips are motivational small round disks which kids collect, trade and swap with their friends... Read More Friend Chips! TWO packs of Friend Chips for $2.99 shipped!

How fun are these? Move over Loom Bands, I see a new trend coming! Check out Friend Chips, new and fun tradeable chips that your kids will love!... Read More Friend Chips: Only $1.49 Per Pack Shipped! (Fun Back-To-School Surprise!)

Here's a fun Back-To-School item made just for your kids! For a limited time you can get two Friend Chips packages on sale B1G1 for only $2.99 shipped! That's only $1.49 per package and each comes with a free Back Pack Ring!... Read More Friend Chips: Two Packs of Tradable Chips for Kids for $2.99 + Free Shipping

Here's a fun little item to add to your back-to-school shopping list: Right now you can get two packs of Friend Chips tradable chips for kids for just $2.99 + free shipping, no coupon code necessary... Read More Friend Chips: 2 Packs for only $2.99 + FREE Shipping

There's a fun new product for the kids that will be a great collectable - Friend Chips. Friend Chips come in packs of 8 chips ? including 4 different designs, and they include a backpack clip... Read More Two Packs of Friend Chips for $2.99 (Shipped)

Looking for ways for your kids to jazz up their backpacks and have a little fun? Check out Friend Chips. Kids can trade chips with their friends and attach them to backpacks. I think they are a fun way to get kids excited about Back to School... Read More

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